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My Story

Before becoming a stock photographer, I had my own graphic design business, and even today I still take on GD assignments from time to time.

This has been the perfect background for what I do today, producing stock photography and video.

As a graphic designer, I was continually searching for the perfect image to match the message that I wanted to present. Images sell products and services. Images grab your audience’s attention. Images are your first connection to your audience. The wrong image can repel them, a great one can keep them interested enough to read what you have to say.

Finding the right image can be a very time consuming and sometimes frustrating experience. So in 2012, I decided to try the other side of the graphics industry - photography. I had always loved taking photos as a hobby, but this time I enrolled in a photography degree and later that year decided to shoot my own stock to sell via several stock agencies.


I had two strings to my bow. One was my design background and the other was I loved styling. In fact, sometimes I think if I had started my career all over again, I would become a food or photography stylist. To me, that is the best part of shooting for stock - the planning, staging and styling stage.

When I first started stock photography, about 90% of the images available on agency sites were shot on white or neutral backgrounds. So what did I do? I went out and bought or made a whole range of different colored backdrops. Pink, red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple! Well, one has to be different, doesn’t one? What a shock to the agency system that must have been? This crazy lady with all her bright colours. But they were approved, and more importantly they sold. And sold and sold.

And sometimes, yes, nowadays I do shoot on white as well. It all depends on the aesthetic that I want to convey. 

Photography led to videography, and today, my two favorite shoots are stop motion video (more about those later) and flat lay photography, which are the main products of this site.

About Milleflore Images

Milleflore Images is the registered trading name for my stock photography and video business. It comes from two words, Mille and Flore, which is French for a thousand flowers. And yes, that is how I started.

Today, after 7 years, I produce a whole range of imagery. On the agencies I am registered with, I have thousands of files. I have included a list below with links to some of these and the products they offer.

On this site, I will focus primarily on my Styled Stock Packs and Stop Motion videos. However, my services are also available for custom work, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you need something special or any products or modifications that are not available here.

About the Author

Annie, the owner of Milleflore Images, has been a very successful stock photographer for 7 years, selling over 90,000 stock imagery on one agency alone, and 200,000 in total across all agencies that she contributes to.

Prior to that, she had her own graphic design business, which she says has been the perfect background to understanding what type of visual sells best.

Milleflore Images specializes in bright, colorful stock photography and video. 

“Real style is never right or wrong. It’s a matter of being yourself on purpose.”

~ G. Bruce Boyer

Custom Work

This site is dedicated to my styled stock photography and stop motion videos.

However, if you have any special custom needs or simple things like added text messages to any of my designs, please use the Contact form below.

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