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Styled Stock Photos, Mockups, and Videos

Styled Stock Photos

Make a lasting impression with these professionally shot and edited Styled Stock Photos and bundles, including these unique features:

~ Versatile extra wide 16:9 ratio, that can be easily cropped to fit all layouts and devices.

~ Looks stunning on any website, social media, online marketplaces, and fits Zoom's 16:9 required ratio perfectly too.

~ Featuring popular trends and eye-catching colors and themes.

~ Feminine styles and colors most suitable for female designers, lady boss websites, and mom bloggers in a range of themes that you need.

~ Perfect for creating your own personal branding.

~ Free of trademarks.

~ Lots of negative space and room for add your own text and logos.

~ Suitable for mockups too!

So if it's time for you to break away from the typical generic stock bundles, then show your uniqueness with some of my eye-catching colorful themes.

The number of photos will vary per bundle. Please refer to each item description.

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.”

~ Orson Welles

Desktop Themes

I have a wide range of stylish desktop bundles suitable for all types of website themes, including:

~ Feminine lifestyle

~ Health & Fitness

~ Healthy lifestyle

~ Mom Blogs

~ Business & Finance

~ Self-Care & Wellness

~ Climate Change/ Zero Waste/Plastic-free

~ Beauty, Fashion & Makeup

~ Food & Cooking


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Holiday & Seasonal Bundles

In my line of work, I specialise in Holiday and Seasonal stock photography with a collection of over 5,000 photos and 2,000 videos of bright, colorful on-trend holiday stock.

Some of my holiday styled stock packs bundle together different themes such as holiday food, party tables, showstopper cakes or types of greetings.

Under each of these themes I include photos for each holiday such as Halloween, Autumn/Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Easter/Spring, St Patrick’s Day, National Days, for you to display on your site as each holiday approaches.

I also have bundles under specific themes such as Spring, Autumn, Summer, Christmas and other popular holidays for you to display on your site during these seasons.


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Vintage Bundles

Do you like vintage? Yes, so do I. There is nothing like vintage themes with a modern twist to capture that type of market and audience.

My vintage styled stock packs feature retro items such as typewriters, vintage kitchen scales décor, retro and classic tableware, and beautiful textured or marble backgrounds. All things old but new again. 


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Food Ingredients Photo Bundles


New listings have been added for my latest range of food ingredients photo bundles.

Perfect for food, recipes and healthy eating eBooks, blogs, YouTube tutorials, Pinterest, social media, branding, and all your creative foodie projects.

As an added feature, I am now also including Color Palettes (with hex codes) to my bundles for all your designer needs!

Bundles include:

~ Coconut for healthy food & drink choices

~ Honey & Beeswax

~ Colorful Herbs and Spices

~ Cooking with Chocolate

~ Farm fresh eggs

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What You Will Receive

~ Ready to use high resolution digital JPEG photos.

~ All photos are produced and edited using professional photography equipment and editing tools. They are not taken using smartphones or point and shoot cameras.

~ INSTANT DOWNLOAD. These stock bundles will be delivered to you in ZIP files. No physical items will be delivered.

~ Your files will be available for downloading once your payment is confirmed.

Because of their digital nature, I cannot accept returns, exchanges or cancellations but please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any problems with your order.

Milleflore Images retains copyright to all images. You may not resell any part of or all parts of any image. Images may be used an unlimited amount of times, but usage rights cannot be transferred or sold.

Please enjoy!

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