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What are Stop Motion videos?

Stop motion is an animation technique where objects appear to have independent movement.

They are popular with advertisers and web owners alike due to their attention-grabbing, cutsie, ‘look ma, no hands’ motion. Plus they lend themselves perfectly for inclusion in websites or anywhere one needs to add some added interest to their products, or to demonstrate how a product is made.

I love making them. In fact, I usually start my shoots with the stop motion layout, shoot for the stop motion sequences, and then shoot for any additional photography afterwards.

For this reason, most of my photography bundles are also available as stop motion video as well. In this way you can display the whole set on your site or use them to enhance your branding.

My videos are all available in either HD (1920 x 1080) or 4k (3840 x 2160) resolutions. I can produce them as straight forward clips or continuous loops, or can add any special animated text and greetings.

Holiday Stop Motion Videos for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas

Special Video & Photo Bundles

Great value and branding opportunity!

Match your styled stock photos with a stop motion animated video clip!

Stop motions are the latest trend and easy to upload to your website or social media.

These special bundles will include 1 stop motion video and typcially 8 styled stock photos.

Photos will usually include Instagram style top view blog hero headers creative composition flat lays, and images with large amounts of copy space for your text and logos. Plus, one high definition stop motion video photographed at the same shoot.

These bundles are perfect for branding, looks great on any website, social media, and online marketplaces.

My Video & Photo Bundles are now available on my Etsy Shop.

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What You Will Receive

 ~ Ready to use high resolution digital JPEG photos.

~ One stop motion AVI, high definition (HD), 1080p, 1920 x 1080 resolution, video.

~ All my photos and videos are produced and edited using professional photography equipment and editing tools. They are not taken using smartphones or point and shoot cameras.

~ INSTANT DOWNLOAD. These stock bundles will be delivered to you in photo ZIP files plus 1 video file. No physical items will be delivered.

~ Your files will be available for downloading once your payment is confirmed.

Because of their digital nature, I cannot accept returns, exchanges or cancellations but please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any problems with your order.

Milleflore Images retains copyright to all images. You may not resell any part of or all parts of any image. Images may be used an unlimited amount of times, but usage rights cannot be transferred or sold.

Please enjoy! 

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