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Brand New Range!

Have you seen those gorgeous gently animated posts on social media lately? Fabulous, aren't they? Well now you can have your own too.

Attention Grabbing.

Since posting these to my own social media, I have received 4 times the number of media views and total engagements than my other posts.

My Canva Social Media Kit Bundles include 4 Canva easy-to-use templates - one for each of your favorite social medias - and all sized perfectly to fit too. This kit includes templates for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Which all adds up to a great branding opportunity.

How they will look on social media - watch video

Easily customized to your own shop or blog needs


These templates are easily customizable in Canva. You only need a free account and you're on your way. You can keep or replace text, photos, animations, and even backgrounds. Its easy and fun to use.


My PDF file with links to each of the 4 templates included in this pack for the simplified graphic design tool website, called Canva.

How to customize these templates:

~ Create a free account with Canva, or have an existing free or upgraded Canva Pro account.

~ Edit or replace any of the design elements that I have included in these designs.

~ If you are new to Canva, you can use their Design School for assistance along the way.

~ When your edits are complete, rename your file, and download your templates as mp4 video files.

~ Upload the mp4 files to your social media as images and/or videos as appropriate.



On many of the social media pages they will also loop to keep repeating.

Check out my Twitter page to see how they will appear on repeat:


Perfect for bloggers as well as online sellers

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