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If you are looking for colorful and unique visuals for your website, social media or online marketplace then you have come to the right place.

Whether you are a graphic designer or a mom blogger, looking for new trends or deliciously decadent designs to create your brand can often be a tedious task.

When I was a buyer, I became very bored and frustrated with the usual generic imagery that was available on stock agencies, so starting a stock photography business and creating the designs that I wanted was a natural step.

Intuitively I wanted images that stood out. Images that grabbed my audience’s attention or made them laugh, smile, ooh and ahh, or somehow remember the message I wanted to convey.

So here are my collections of Styled Stock Photos and Videos, and more, aimed for people like you and me.



Milleflore Images

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”

~ Coco Chanel

Hello October!

October starts off the holiday season with fabulous Halloween, and is one of my favorite seasons for dramatic, colorful and fun photos and videos. Check out my Halloween cakes, party pack, and trick or treating bundles.

It's also still time to change your site and social media pages to reflect some awesome Fall branding for your website and social media pages with my range of Autumn hygge and blog hero headers.

October is also Pink Ribbon Month for Breast Cancer Awareness for you to show your support on all your media pages with my versatile Pink Ribbon styled stock photo bundle.

Get the best images for your site, blog and social media now and watch your audience grow.

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New Halloween Listing!

Wow your audience with this fabulous Halloween Blog Hero Headers to brand your site this holiday season.

Halloween Trick or Treat Blog Hero Headers 8 Styled Stock Photo Bundle Instagram Social Media Photography.

Happy Halloween Trick or Treat theme desktop with candy, lollipops, and autumn fall leaves on stylish purple textured background.

Top view blog hero header creative flat lays with lots of negative copy space. Ideal for bloggers, social media, branding for websites, and shopping sites.

Styled stock photo bundle of 8 unique photos.

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**New** Parenting Photo Bundles

I have brand new listings on Etsy this week for my latest range of Parenting styled stock bundles, including:

~ Two styles for Newborn Baby Mom Bloggers and shopping sites.

~ Healthy kid's lunches

~ Back to School or home learning for young children, with blackboards in colorful settings.

This range will include beautiful blog hero headers bundles for each stage of parenting, family life, and life stages from newborns through childhood, teens, graduations, and even onto wedding themes.

Perfect for mom blogs, family, back to school, parenting, teaching and learning, blog hero headers, social media, online marketplaces and websites.

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Recent Photo Bundles Added

New styled stock photo bundles have been added this week:

~ Bright, colorful Halloween Trick or Treat Blog Hero Headers

~ Ballet Pointe Shoes Aesthetic Blog Hero Headers

~ Feminine Christmas shopping desktop

~ Blue Christmas shopping and wrapping desktop video and photos bundle

~ Parenting & Wedding Bundles

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Holiday Stop Motion Video

I recently finished the latest show reel for my holiday stop motions videos that are now available for sale. All the clips used in this video were ones that I shot for last year's holiday season from Halloween through to Christmas and include some of my best sellers.

Matching bundles of videos and photos, or individual photos, are available as well. Please see my Buy page for more details.

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Join me on YouTube for more videos and follow my channel here:

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Halloween holiday stock footage by Milleflore Images, including trick or treat, candy, cakes, fun food, and party tables.

All the clips used in the above video are available for purchase, as well as most photos taken from the same shoot. My Halloween videos can be purchased here at

Adobe Stock.

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How to Brand Your Website Using Color

Color has psychological effects on our brains in a myriad of ways. It produces emotional responses, influences our perceptions, affects our decision-making processes, and acts as stimulants to our brains.

It has also been found that colors can consistently influence age, gender, and cultural demographics in distinct ways. So it’s not surprising that due to its high impact psychology effects, color psychology is widely used in marketing and branding.

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5 Reasons Why the Right Images Are Important for Your Website

Our brains are essentially image processors. In fact, much of our sensory cortex is devoted to vision. To the brain, words are abstract and difficult to remember but visuals are concrete and stay with us for a long time.

Images should be treated the same as any content and not thought of as just decorations. If you choose the right high quality images, research has shown that your website will perform much more strongly.

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Holiday Candyland

Candyland cakes make great eye-catching images for your holiday theme websites, social media, and online marketplaces, and perfect for greeting cards and party invitations too.

I have a large range of photography and videos featuring candyland cakes, cupcakes, and freakshakes available for purchase.

Or buy my special holiday bundle of 12 different photos for the main holidays throughout the year.

Check out my blog about my Candyland shoots and where to buy them - plus tips on how to decorate them for those willing to try their own!

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Inspirational WordArt Merchandise

I have new inspirational quotes word art added to my collections on Fine Art America/ 

Have these lovely floral wordart photography forming the words, Inspire, Love, Create, Kindness or Carpe Diem, printed on your tote bags, greeting cards, phone covers, or as wall art ~ and help to inspire all those around you.

They also make gorgeous gifts for friends, family and loved ones.

Artwork and photography by Milleflore Images, printed by Fine Art America/

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~ or ~

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